Handmade, purple, satin handbag with cameo, diamanté and velvet bow.

The creation of a TPG minaudière.

Unable to discard anything that glitters, and intrinsically attracted to the once loved and vintage, I have acquired a substantial collection of curiosities derived from my fetish of textiles and costume gems. 
With a firm philosophy to ‘use again’ wherever possible, the Pallavicini Galizia Minaudière collection was born. 

The creation of the bags is slow paced and uniquely hand embellished with designs I rarely plan. The creations develop organically whilst I am play with newly salvaged fabrics and outrageous statement pieces. There are no rules, simply a yearning to ‘lux-cycle’ wherever possible and to celebrate the modern, period, reproduction, semi-precious and faux.
It’s so easy to take an an old favourite and re work it. In a world so fast paced and over populated, we do well to re purpose and love again that, that we already have”.

With a little flare and love of the outrageous… anything is possible.

Behold the revival. TPG.

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